Monday, January 22, 2007

the woes of work

i try not to use up too much of the blogosphere with my trials and tribulations of being a working mom. because? i really like being a working mom. i am the type of person that feels adrift when i don't have work to do. when jack was a newborn, and i was home, i fell into the deepest depression i have ever experienced. i know part of this was due to hormones, but the other part? i don't do stay-at-home very well.

and, it's a definite bonus that i LOVE my job. i have worked very hard to get where i am, and this is the job i will most likely retire from. but, there are just. some. days.

i have spent most of my monday morning (usually a time i use to catch up on blog reading after an internet-free weekend) stripping guestrooms and helping out the housekeeping staff. see this adorable play housekeeping cart??

i wish being a housekeeper was this cute! it is HARD work to clean up after *other* people. i've developed such a respect for the people in our communities who do this thankless job day after day after day.

at least it's helping me get some extra steps in today!!


Jill said...

I appreciate people who do the behind-the-scenes type work and definitely feel like they're under appreciated. I worked at the front desk of a hotel for awhile and was amazed by how much went into preparing for guests. I also so some pretty thrashed rooms and felt sad for the cleaning ladies.

Barb said...

I found a clue to what you do! I'm going to keep digging.