Friday, January 12, 2007

i go out walking

recovery from vacation is coming along. i thought i'd be more inspired to blog about the trip, but so far, i'm content to keep the warm fuzzy memories to myself, sort of like a steamy mug of ginger tea. plus, i'm really dissapointed with most of the pictures. maybe i'm not blogging about it because i feel like the pictures would add so much to the story.

enough about that. i did print some of my photos onto cute notecards, and actually mailed them. after all, what's the point in creating good mail, if you're not going to send it??

i've been walking in the evenings, and it's already helping me feel so much better about myself! i'd been stressing about finding time to walk, possibly *creating* excuses like: it's too dark to walk when i get home from work. so, i got over it! if it means i need to leave work 30 minutes earlier right now, then i will. i am so lucky to have the ability to make that decision.

last night, during the drive home, i was seriously deciding NOT to go, until i walked into the kitchen. the first words matty said to me were, "you better hurry if you want to get your walk in." i immediately felt like going. it meant so much to me that he was able to show support like that. especially since he was already a little bit stressed out about making it to play practice.

anyway, i'm glad i went. i give myself a little sticker on my calendar every day that i walk. it seems ridiculous that the old-fashioned reward sticker can make me feel so good. i did this the last time i was serious about exercising, and it was a huge part of my motivation. it's awesome to look back on a week, a month, etc., and see all those stickers!

do you talk yourself out of exercising?
how do you motivate yourself?
how do you reward yourself?

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