Tuesday, January 30, 2007

in the still of the night

i don't know about you, but my favorite time of the day is usually after matty and jack have gone to bed, and i have the house to myself. (matty rises at 4:30 am, so he typically can't stay awake past 8:00 pm. jack can be more of a challenge, as he is currently having difficulty falling asleep because he's "scared." is this typical of children with active imaginations? that's what i keep telling myself, anyway...)

last night, i was set by about 9:30, and i got busy packaging up my valentine's good mail.

it was so gratifying to see all the little packages ready to go. i also got our invitations together for our first annual soup swap, and they are ready to go also.

after the recipients have gotten their valentines, i will post what i made. i'm rather proud of the little design.


Kelly A. said...

I'd say the sleep issue is definately a problem for gifted and imaginative kids. It's like they can't turn their brain off. That's how I described it to my pediatrician. We went through many years of sleepless nights or frequent wakings. Good news, he grew out of it! Now at 12 we can't get him to wake up!!

Good luck.

carlo said...

So interested in the Soup Swap! Sounds like such fun! Hope it goes well.

carlo said...

Just did some research via the link and I am wondering if you followed the plan on the website? How many people did you invite?

I am very interested in trying this or a version of this. I am thinking I may do it but would most likely keep it simple instead of the "bidding" and such with each person taking home some of each.