Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the tough part

the tough part of being a manager is that, every now and then, i am faced with having to let an employee go. this is especially difficult when the employee is someone i like a lot, and with whom i have spent countless hours trying to groom for a "better" position.

sometimes you can spend hours trying to groom someone, and they will never achieve what you were hoping for them to achieve. i never stop hoping and trying, though.

as i tossed and turned over this last night, i was overwhelmed, as always, that sometimes the path of another person's life is literally sitting in the palm of my hand. isn't that a tremendous amount of responsibility?

i know that i did everything in my power to avoid this outcome.

a feel very small in a huge universe today.

1 comment:

carlo said...

Sounds like you did your part. You can only do so much. The other person has to take responsibilty, too.