Friday, September 05, 2008

a day in the life - tropical storm hanna edition - part four

2:58 pm
we have retired to our rooms for lunch and potential napping. i justify this as conserving my energy.

ts hanna has revved herself up to 70 mph winds. for you novices out there, a minimal hurricane (category 1) has winds of 74 mph. the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane is all in those few miles per hour. i know it's a necessary distinction (for all sorts of forecasting and insurance reasons, probably.)

those few miles per hour, though, can truly lead to a false sense of security. most people around here haven't witnessed a major storm since 1999's Floyd, and unfortunately, have become a little too laid back about tropical storms. the prevailing attitude is that a *simple* tropical storm/*weak* hurricane isn't' something to be concerned about. there's more of a party attitude: wooHOO i don't have to work today! let's have a hurricane party!! man-on-the-street, who is inevitably interviewed by The Weather Channel, proudly states that HIS crew doesn't budge for anything less than a "3"!

during the approach of a storm, most residents are urged to move "inland," for fear of heavy winds and, most importantly, storm surge. my hotel is approximately 5 miles from the beach, although you still have to cross the intracoastal waterway to get here from the ocean. 5 miles, with a major waterway in between, does not really make for a good definition of "inland." we've spent a good portion of our week fielding phone calls from all of the party people who would rather ride out the storm in the hotel than in their homes.

i honestly don't believe they want to stay here to get away from the storm. it probably has more to do with the fact that if they stay here, somebody else will clean up all the beer cans...

i do everything in my power to dissuade those people from coming here.

3:12 pm
i've probably bored you to tears with technical storm info. and? i'm getting really tempted to buy the Pro Caulk kit they are advertising incessantly on The Weather Channel. have you seen this thing? i mean, who wouldn't want to re caulk all of their bathrooms with this thing?!?

3:21 pm
forgot to mention: slightly overcast. winds are calm. extremely HUMID!


Staci said...

I love reading all your storm updates. I hope you fair well.

Kelly A. said...

I fell in love with the caulk infomercial at the gym the other day! Let's caulk!

We won't budge for anything less than a 4, but of course we aren't 5 miles from the water. I never thought about the party animals heading closer to the water. What a pain for sure. Otherwise, we dig the storms because it's so much fun to make fun of the weather men who are so excited for our turn at a hurricane but try to mask it with concern and authority, then alas, it turns south and we miss our chance once again.

Jack is so lucky, my Jack would be in heaven, chilling at the hotel, walkie talkie, the self importance of your mom being the boss...did I ever tell you we checked an entire suitcase on the airplane this summer full of nothing but stuffed animals!?! Yes, in this day of less luggage requirements, he had convinced his brother to pack his clothes so he could bring the stuffed animals. We need to get the Jacks together!

Stay safe and dry!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying these updates and your commentary!

Missy :o) said...

Here's to hoping those people don't get what's coming to them..

I remember getting ready for hurricanes at Holden's when I was a kid and it just ruined our whole week.

Holly said...

Yeah, that Hurricane Party crowd is questionable at best.

This play by play has been entertaining--and has made it like we're with ya. I'd help pick up beer cans if I was. But I'd bring a stuffed animal and I'd like to have my own walkie-talkie too. Please. :)

carlo said...

let me just say i will not be surprised in the least if i suddenly see you covering the "min-by-min" of all this on TWC or the today show!

you would be a hit, for sure!

Lene said...

I have enjoyed reading your updates.

I hope everything stays pretty quiet - do you roger that?

sweetfunkyvintage said...

cracking me up with the caulk gun!

The monkey bunch said...

i have been so tempted to get that same gadget! They make it look so simple on tv- if you have it, of course!

michelle said...

I'd never even considered the possibility of there being a hurricane party crowd...