Friday, September 05, 2008

a day in the life - tropical storm hanna edition - part three

12:45 pm
ho-hum. jack has settled down with his "highlights: top secret" kit that his granne just dropped off. i have settled down to updating my hurricane manual (no time like the present, right??)

matty is finally off-island, and i've just sent him to pick up a few board games from the house and sandwich stuff for our room. rooms, i should say. i *splurged* on the adjoining this time around. it's been about three years since we had to hole up in the hotel for a storm. back then, our little family of three was content in one room. now, our little family of three includes a playstation (warrants it's own TV for sure), AND the aforementioned family of stuffed animals.

12:50 pm
jack is upstairs with the walkie talkie, giving me a play by play of the housekeeping staff. it's hysterical!! maybe i should offer him a part time job as a security guard. he ends every sentence with, "do you roger that?"

12:51 pm
i feel like i've been here for 8 hours. it hasn't even been four... not raining. no breezes. yet.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You're going to love having this post to look back on. Do you roger that?

lelly said...

roger that, njp!!

linda said...

"do you roger that?" So so cute. He's having the time of his life during all of this!

carlo said...

is this a record for one day posts?

loving all of them.

michelle said...

Good thinking on getting two rooms! "Do you roger that?" That is just hilarious. Sounds like a weekend your family won't ever forget.