Friday, September 05, 2008

a day in the life - tropical storm hanna edition - part eight

11:29 pm

"landfall" is expected within a few hours. why does "landfall" only count for the center of the storm? what about the hours and hours of wind and rain that sometimes come beforehand?? if jim cantore ever shows up at my hotel, i will ask him that.

The Weather Channel has moved Mike Siedell to a different beach. a windier beach. makes for better television, i guess.

things are calm and quiet here. the pool is full of frogs (but, thankfully, no alligators tonight!) we are watching the history channel and this is really no different than how we would've spent friday night at home. except that, at home, i would have been folding laundry and getting out my fall decorations.

i'm going to bed. i expect when i wake up, we will be feeling more "storm-like" effects. but the coffee will be hot. see you then!


wende said...

ok, so i have found myself checking your blog regularly through out the day just to make sure you're still ok! i have never been through a hurricane, we get really bad wind here where i live in utah and that is enough action for me!

good luck with everything, thanks for keeping us posted!

Lene said...

It's funny - instead of checking the weather channel for Hannah updates I find myself checking your blog instead.

I hope the night goes well for y'all.

michelle said...

Hooray for no alligators! But I'd like to see a picture of the frogs in the pool.