Friday, September 05, 2008

a day in the life - tropical storm hanna edition - part six

thirty minutes ago:

think the surfers will be excited about those waves?? (teehee)


it finally started raining. by the time i got outside to take a picture, it had stopped.

7:27 pm
jack has crumbled. going to get him settled up in the "suite" (ha ha) in p'jayzees. do you believe walmart was entirely OUT of microwave popcorn?!? well, except for "garden herb and olive oil"?? oh, the humanity...


Barb said...

This is an interesting job perk you've got going there. I am going to add microwave popcorn to my emergency storage!

michelle said...

Hang on... is there actually garden herb and olive oil flavored microwave popcorn?? Huh. While I definitely love garden herbs AND olive oil, that does not sound like a popcorn I could get behind. I want to stock up on the Homestyle flavor! our favorite.

Rebekah said...

your town is so pretty, even in the midst of a hurricane!