Friday, September 05, 2008

a day in the life - tropical storm hanna edition - part five

4:55 pm
wake up from a semi-nap. click the tv back on for updates. more of the same.
jack has taken over my laptop and played "poptropica" for the past forty minutes or so. matty is sound asleep. decide to go downstairs and see what's what.

5:20 pm
jack and i have started melting some queso dip in the crockpot (well...we have to eat something while we're here!!) my management team will spend the night here tonight, so we've decided on a mexican theme for dinner. during ophelia, it was "make your own deli sandwiches." during charley, it was pizza.

5:45 pm
surf a few blogs. get really excited to get a shout out at tip junkie. decide, since it's so quiet around here, to spend some time uploading the new hotel photos to the people that will update the website. each photo is taking approximately 9 minutes to upload. it's feeling very hot and stuffy in my office.

6:18 pm
jack and i have reached our breaking point with each other. try to get matty and jack to go out for a while (because it is still here. and hot. no breezes. no rain.) it really is hard to imagine a storm moving through within the next seven hours or so. decide that I probably need to go out for awhile...


Kim Sue said...

oh, thinking about you guys. love getting a running update of a day in the life of Lelly :o) take care of each other!

The monkey bunch said...

congrats- and they were really cute medals!

michelle said...

For some reason, the fact that the different storms are differentiated by what kind of dinner you had is ticking my funny bone!

Rebekah said...

oh, i want to work at a hotel now! it sounds just like a slumber party, except, you know, worrying about the hurricane and the safety of your guests and all...and property damage and evacuation plans...oh well.