Friday, September 23, 2011

five minute friday

lately, i feel like i've been holding it together with kite strings and sealing wax. there are nights when i crash from trying so hard all day long.
trying to smile, trying to laugh
trying to lead, trying to motivate, trying to make good decisions
trying to listen, trying to share
trying to be a friend
trying to be


it's raining today, and i don't have the strength to try.
i sat in my morning meeting and said nothing.
i looked at this empty page and wrote nothing.
i listened to the words you said and i said


i'm not just being quiet
i'm avoiding saying what needs to be said.

and if i say the words that you need to hear,
i fear that they will only be washed away by the



Anonymous said...

I feel as if this is where I offer you a hug, and a dark chocolate candy.

michelle said...

Hmm... ditto to Patrick's comment.

This is intriguing and somewhat concerning. Hope things look brighter today!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, a gloomy day can make everything seem so blah. And hard to get motivated (or stay motivated). Hoping there is sunshine today! -c

John said...

My elbow is actually held together with duct tape & bubblegum.

Well, not really, but it's not far off.

We ALL have days like you're having . . . I, honestly, am not sure how I make it out the door some days (and there are far darker things than just making it out the door).

But, knowing that there are some awesome people that I can talk with daily . . . always makes it worth it :-)