Wednesday, September 07, 2011

a list

today is a doozy!! a fourteen hour doozy!! i literally have about a 20 minute window in which to write a blog post for today. so here it goes:

my friend Patrick gave me the idea to think about the things i'm grateful for. i know sometimes lists aren't the most fun to read, but he reminded me that taking five minutes out of your day to focus on what makes you happy, can truly be a game changer. to me, it is the perfect way to find a calm place in the midst of the frenzy of this day.

i am grateful...

for my health, my family's health

for my job, my husband's job

that i have the flexibility to run out and meet up with two old friends for coffee

for my creative spark that is rekindled every Fall

for phone calls

and tweets

for my body, for the calm that exercise has brought to my life

for strangers who have become friends

for reading time with jack

for dinner around the dining room table, even if it's only a few nights a week

and i'm grateful for you. yes, you.


Jill said...

I like reading other people's lists and gratitude lists are always interesting. I'm glad you squeezed it into your 20 minutes!

The Ivy's said...

I'm thankful for YOU too!

michelle said...

Feeling grateful really is a game-changer for me, every time I do it.

Interesting that you were thankful for phone calls, when you hate talking on the phone.

I need to be more grateful for good health when we have it! Usually I just mourn its loss...

Anonymous said...

Love and ditto to many of these things. It is always fun to read what others value!

Love, carlo