Friday, September 09, 2011

five minutes for friday

you think you know me...
but do you?


i try my best to portray the "real me" on my blog and in my other "faceless" social media accounts. i might use a little concealer here and there, or apply an especially glossy lip stick when i feel like i need a little pick me up. but for the most part, what you read is what you get.

in real life...
i like to wake up early and enjoy an hour by myself
i like to stay up late and enjoy an hour by myself
i love to decorate for the holidays, but i hate clutter
i am a fanatic about sweeping my floors, but i hat to vacuum
i never have extra money to spend. ever.
i drink my coffee black, and am never tempted to buy "frilly" coffee shop drinks.
i am generous with hugs for my little man, but not so much with adults.
i like where i am now, but know that this is not where i will live forever.
i want you to think i am thick skinned, but i'm really quite sensitive.
i hate to talk on the phone, but will "chat" with you all hours of the day.
i love receiving compliments, but need to remind myself to give them.
i don't like anything that is artificially banana flavored.
especially strawberry banana yogurt.


hope you have a great weekend!! (you can have my serving of strawberry banana yogurt!)


Natasha said...

Dang I love artificially flavored banana things like banana Laffy Taffy, YUM. And you know how I feel about frilly coffee-- can't live without it! I'm with you on everything else though. Especially the phone. I'd rather just text.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love the insight. And I agree with you about the coffee. If not Caribou, Folgers red can please!

michelle said...

Love it.

I love being by myself, but hate getting up earlier than everyone else. I hate talking on the phone, too. I hate artificially banana-flavored things, too!