Saturday, September 17, 2011

how sweet it is

it is ten o'clock on Saturday night and i'm crashed on the sofa watching yet another marathon of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. (side note: could someone please slip a few new phrases into Guy Fieri's rotation? there's just got to be a better way to describe food than "off the hook!") i can't even count how many Saturday night's I've spent hanging out watching the Triple D's. it's kinda my Saturday night thing. even though Guy agitates me with his talking-with-food-in-his-mouth, there's something actually a little comforting about my sad Saturday night routine.

anyway, this day is done, and despite it's undertones of blah, i consider it pretty much a success. i set out to have a laid back day, and i accomplished it. as Guy would say, "winner, winner, chicken dinner."

dinner was a few hours ago, and i've even had tea and cookies since then (have you had the new Newton's Fruit Thins? yum!). the kitchen is clean, despite the fact that a certain 10 year old keeps wandering in and out of there. there's no reason to go back in there.


i know there is an open bag of mini Reese's pieces in the cupboard.

i don't really crave sweets. chocolate is not a food group that i consider to be a temptation. i can take it or leave it. but throughout this year of obsessive calorie counting, some well-timed chocolate consumption has been a God send.

i'll settle for the Reese's, although truth be told, i prefer dark chocolate. i especially prefer dark chocolate with sea salt. in fact, now that i think about it, i would dearly love a square of dark chocolate with sea salt right now. as Guy would say, that square of dark chocolate with sea salt "could just hang out in my mouth for a little bit."

i'm undecided about the Reese's, but just knowing it is there agitates me and comforts me at the same time. kinda like Guy.

me and chocolate. our nightly ritual. you could say, "this is not my first time at this rodeo."

i know Guy would.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Reeses for sure!!! Dark Chocolate is not my favorite. But a dark chocolate ice cream Dove bar is da bomb for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I love this post. I relate to it on so many levels. Carry on with your badass self!

Duffy Batzer said...

That is totally my usual Saturday. I have an odd affinity for Guy, like a goofy cousin.

michelle said...

I love this.

There is a part of me that is hugely reassured by having chocolate in the cupboard. Just in case. (My new favorite is chocolate with curry or chile.)

John said...

I'm not a big fan of Guy. Maybe it's that there's so much meat on the show & I'm trying my best to avoid that whole food group.

But me & Reese's Pieces? Yeah, we've had many an affair.