Monday, September 26, 2011

behold, the power of...

so, my dear friend, carlo, wants to know:
What are your fave blogging/social media things that have happened since you started?

i love this topic!! and, i'll start right off by saying that carlo is absolutely one of my fave blogging things!! but, more on that later...

here are just some of the wonderful, amazing things that i've experienced since hopping online five years ago:

one of my all-time favorite, and one of the first, blogging activities that really got me excited about being on-line was self-portrait tuesday. now i realize that there are lots of versions of self-portrait blogs out there now, some include memes, some include linkies, some don't even happen on tuesdays. but the particular version that happened right here on amuse-bouche every week was an amazing connection between women (and some men), all over the world! while i haven't been able to dedicate the time i once did to sending out self-portrait challenges, i have really tried to remain true to the tuesday self-portrait. in fact, some months, that's all i manage to blog!!

soup swap is another one of my favorite things, and one that i would not have known about if i hadn't been blogging in 2007. you can read about my first ever swap right here. although i missed last year, the making and the swapping of the soups continues to be one of my favorite social activities (and it sure helps break up the monotony of the winter doldrums here in tiny town!)

i have had the great pleasure of meeting some of my on-line friends, and it is oh, so refreshing and fun to spend time with people who previously lived only in my computer! the first time i got to meet some fellow bloggers, i was headed to New Orleans for a Hampton Inn conference. in what turned out to be THE BEST weekend of my life, i flew to Louisiana with the promise of a place to stay and a picture of my hostess. you should read about my adventures with natasha and carlo and hoop! from that first tentative greeting at the airport, to the tear-felt farewall after tea, it was hands down, the best weekend of my adult life! here's to you, my fellow green waves!!

a year later, i was able to spend a weekend with a friend from high school when i went off to dallas. if it weren't for the power of Facebook, kristi and i would have NEVER reconnected. she has single-handedly brought me back into the red, white and blue fold of Wootton High School alumns, and i am eternally happy about that.

i've had some pretty incredible experiences via Twitter, as well. in the fast paced world of 140 character limits and ever morphing Time Lines, i have been wowed by one-on-one "conversations" with Jillian Michals, Jim Cantore and Keith Olbermann. i've also gotten to see Michael Franti in concert: once in Myrtle Beach (thanks, Kris and Chris!) and once in Melbourne, Australia(thanks, Rob!)

i also landed on the front page of the Life section of USA Today because of a request that went out over Twitter for people who "still" use handwritten journals in this day and age of digital memory making. (yes, in addition to the blogging and facebooking and the tweeting, i still write in my bedside journal every single day!)

i even stumbled upon tony hawk in the middle of the woods, not fifteen miles from my own home!

exploring the world of social media has brought the world to my doorstep, quite literally. i have sent and received Good Mail. i have enlisted on-line friends to go on a scavenger hunt, of sorts, as they tracked down the neighborhood Santa Claus of my childhood (thanks, teri!) i have gotten fit and lost weight, because i've held myself accountable to all of those of you who are getting fit and losing weight on your own journeys (#workthatass2011!!) i have tried countless new recipes and crafted amazing things.

most importantly, and the thing for which i am eternally grateful, is that i have met the most incredible people!! you inspire me. you encourage me. you bring me to tears and you get me to laugh out loud. you make me want to be the best writer i can be. the best friend i can be. when you reach out to me with your blog comments, your pokes and your Pins, your DMs and your phone calls, i am the happiest girl in this corner of the internet.

thank you!! all of you!!


The Cook Crook said...

I tell people all the time about the friends I have made on Twitter and you certainly fall into that category. I never knew social media could make connections with people who could lift me up on a bad day, motivate me and encourage me. i don;t comment on your blog enough but had to tell you how much YOU are appreciated and that the virtual world is a better place with you in it!

Holly said...

I remember your LA trip but I guess I never realized y'all hadn't met in person before.

I'm glad you are finding (carving out?) time for blogging again--you are a natural and express yourself so well.

I wish I was better at interaction on Twitter. I always feel like I'm tweeting to myself--but I always appreciate your replies. :)

2011 is turning out to be the year of the Lelly. Or Elie. Or e.e.

Natasha said...

Go Greenwave! Woot!!

Anonymous said...

In all of my excitement I left the comments meant for this post, on the post above!

Great memories and how cool that you have connections to so many. Still think about NOLA often...Tasha and Hoop were the best hostesses ever!

Will host a Soup Swap someday...

Alisha said...

Great post! And thanks to you, I also {heart} soup swap. Shortly after I started blogging my daughter accused me of joining a fad. Well, my blogging has waned lately. So maybe for me it was a fad. (I hope not.) This month of many posts from you has certainly been inspirational. Hopefully I'll get back after it. One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to look back at the past and re-read my thoughts, emotions, etc. (Since I don't keep a bedside journal.)

Keep up the great work, Lelly!

michelle said...

When you spell it all out like that, that's a lot of life-changing stuff!

I don't write in a journal, so my blog is as good as it gets.