Sunday, September 25, 2011

it's in the bag

day 25, and i am soliciting topics for this last week of every day blogging. tonight, i am so excited to show you the contents of my purse:

1) four sets of keys (car, hotel, random key ring that has all of my shopping cards on in, and one key ring with various family members keys on it
2) my little blue pill case, which i keep stocked with Advil liqui-gels
3) about eight almost empty tubes of lip gloss
4) plastic baggie with one of jack's teeth in it (don't ask)
5) compact mirror (often used for checking for poppy seeds or green smoothie remnants)
6) wallet that has my checkbook (yes, i still write checks sometimes!)
7) receipt for the tire i had to buy on friday (@#%^!)
8) packing list for my trip to Orlando next week
9) my "real wallet"
10) jack's iPod shuffle. wonder when he'll miss it?

not too bad, if i do say so myself. i carry a really small bag, so it's hard to get carried away with too much junk truth be told, i hate carrying a purse. it's usually just the thing that holds my phone.

what do you think? am i missing anything important?


Anonymous said...

Are you missing anything??? What about money? or socks? Don't women carry socks? What about a small flashlight so you can find things in your purse? Hehe

Anonymous said...

Orlando is next week? ALready? Time is flying by... I can't believe Jack hasn't missed his iPod. Or is he afraid to tell you it is missing?

As for topics:

1)Since you like lists, fave blogging/social media things that have happened to you since you started?

2)Fave easy recipe(s) ?

3)A list about why you can't wait to do another month of blogging each and every day! ;)


John said...

I only ever leave the house with my iPhone, my wallet, and my keys (I do have a second keyring that I keep the keys that I never, ever use at home). If I don't have any one of these things, I freak out.

If I'm travelling, I try to leave my keys at home, because, boy would that suck.

I do remember the last time I went to the UK. I got disgustingly drunk the last day and managed to unplug the alarm clock in the room instead of setting it. So, I woke up with the cab driver at the front desk, which was awesome.

I threw everything into whatever bag I could find, threw my suit on, and left. The only thing was, I had driven my car to the airport and parked it in long-term parking . . . so, my keys were on me.

But they weren't on my suit.

They weren't in my carryon bag when I boarded.

It turns out that I threw them in my checked suitcase - but I had to live through a trans-atlantic flight, wondering how the heck I was going to get home.

Alisha said...

I'm not a purse person much either. I did finally break down this summer and bought a very small Miche bag. It holds my keys, wallet, and phone. Then end. (And sometimes a pen and receipts, but I wish they didn't pile up in there.)

Blog ideas for the week:
Holiday plans
Projects on your back burner
Favorite mommy moment this week
Pics of your new wardrobe
Tour of your car or house

Holly said...

I think I should switch to a smaller purse. I'm carrying way too much stuff.

I still write checks too and carry at least two or three lip glosses/sticks plus lip balm at a time.

Kim Sue said...

not bad. I carry a larger bag and sometimes it is packed full. It often resembles a book bag rather than a purse. I do typically have reading material of some kind. I also usually have my address book, a couple of notecards and stamps.

michelle said...

Impressive. My purse is always packed with loads of stuff I don't need. And then I can't find what I do need. But I like to have one big enough to shove my camera into!