Thursday, May 08, 2008


i was just saying i needed a race to plan for. i've got some small things in the works. i need a reason to get out there and run (because apparently, my motivation is totally linked with shelling out registration money. go figure...)

at the 10K last month, just before the start, i bumped into a woman i know who i hadn't seen in about a year. quick, idle, before race chatter. and that was the last i saw of her.

until the end.

she must have finished about 40 minutes ahead of me. but as i approached the final 1/4 mile, there she was. "can i run with you to the finish?" and i was inspired. and moved. and tearful.

post race conversation was minimal (due to a lot of emotion on my part.) and in my finisher's euphoria i mentioned that i was really planning on a 1/2 for the fall. i have really not said this aloud to many people.

and that was it. and then. an email. some questions. my responses. and then.

there is someone else who is going to run this race with me. someone who is a better runner than i. oh, and did i mention her husband is in, too? two runners. counting on me. pushing me.

and so, my 1/2 marathon. in november. count me in!


Holly said...

Oh Lelly! I'm sooooo excited for you. Good for you for putting your name and your $$ on the line and going for this goal. You CAN and WILL do it!!

Gentle push from here in TX too. ;)

Hannah said...

Woohoo! You can do it- you are going to love it (well, maybe not every minute of it, but you will look back and love it!)

How awesome that she has kept tabs on you- how great that she is pushing you a long. I "ran" mine with a faster runner and it was awesome to start together and see her at the finish line- knowing her distance was just as great as mine.

I am so excited for you! Which 1/2 are you doing and what is the exact date?

carlo said...

awesome. so proud of you...

darn distance thing again-- i would totatlly love to run with you so you could PUSH me!

(glad you have someone close to do that for yoU!!)

Tree said...

I love those spontaneous commitments! And the nerve of some people to hold you to it! haha Seriously, though, that's great. Perhaps in the euphoria, you will then commit to something even longer?