Monday, May 05, 2008


not much more than 2 1/2 miles.
but, at least it was something. at least i did something.

i am underhydrated. i have overeaten. i've been lazy. i need a race! i need something to pin my training to (that is not 6 1/2 months away...) i need inspiration, motivation, fear!!

i'm a slug.


Hannah said...

So less than an hour ago I was out riding my bike and was thinking that you hadn't posted in a while- so I should e-mail you and see what was happening with your training. Great work on the 2.5 miles! Now get online and find a race and commit yourself and don't lose all the hard work you have gained! There are so many 1/2 marathons in the fall- you could so do it with a 10k in between!

carlo said...

i am looking for a race, too.

i NEED a goal to focus on.

we actually have a marathon/half here in october. i would be crazy not to do that one since it actually runs through my community as part of the half course. DUH, me.

i think it is the "my community" that is holding me back.