Friday, May 23, 2008

photoless phriday - the "don't be alarmed" edition

1) don't be alarmed... i am NOT directing another show!! however, i am THRILLED that i was cast as The Cat in the Hat in our summer production of Seussical! theatre is actually a tremendous stress-reliever for me. what makes this especially fun is that both jack and matty will be on stage, too! oh, the places we'll go...

2) don't be alarmed... it is a three day holiday weekend, and i am NOT (fingers crossed) going to work. as of now, my weekend will include family projects around the house, taking in a show at the park, a good, old-fashioned cookout and a true national holiday, with all three of us home from school and work.

3) don't be alarmed... we do not often eat strawberry shortcake for breakfast, but these strawberries were truly too beautiful to wait until dessert!! last saturday night, some of the guests at the hotel were preparing the floral arrangements for a Sunday wedding. they made the most gorgeous topiaries out of, you guessed it - strawberries!! when i walked into the room where they were working, i was totally overwhelmed with the sheer berriness of it all. they were kind enough to send me home with a pint. my consolation for having to work until midnight on a saturday was waking up to such a decadent breakfast!

4) don't be alarmed... i WILL find time to get around and read everyone's *something borrowed* posts. hopefully, part of this weekend will include some serious blog-reading (from my bed, on my new [to me] laptop.)

5) don't be alarmed... i am currently working on june's spt theme. it was so relieving to have four weeks worth of challenges already created, i've decided to try something similar for next month. stay tuned...

have a FANTASTIC weekend! if you need me, i'll be right here. on the bed. sipping coffee. in my pajamas. all. weekend.


michelle said...

It sounds like an absolutely delightful weekend! Live it up.

linda said...

Have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend with your family!

Laptops...I couldn't live without mine!

Jill said...

Congrats on being cast as The Cat in the Hat, we really need to see some video clips of you in action.

I hope you don't have to go into work. A 3 day weekend without work is glorious, as are doing house projects, cookouts and such.

I think strawberry shortcake for breakfast is a great idea.

I haven't done my something borrowed post yet, but have loved having a month's worth of assignments in my head. I think that's a great plan, especially if it lightens the load for you.

Kim Sue said...

speaking of sitting in bed and blogging...that's me, right now. Fun stuff!

wende said...

there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with stawberry shortcake for breakfast! it's probably more healthy and a bowl of cereal - at least there's fruit!

the cat! wow, oh the thinks you can think! you will have a blast, allie just finished this production at school, she was a "little cat" and we decided that the thing that made her costume with the lavishly long fake eyelashes we found for her. so cat like!

i'm so glad you have the chance to stay home with your feet up, enjoy every second of it!

Becky said...

Yeah for Lelly!!! I'm so glad that you have (had) a wonderful weekend.

Congratulations on getting the role of The Cat in the Hat--how fun is that?!

I loved the month of SPTs (although I never did my "something borrowed") and I'm looking forward to June.

Alisha said...

Very fun post. It made me smile all the way through.

I hope you will enjoy your Seussical Musical! What a fun adventure for all three of you together. I like theatre, but alas, the community theatre around here is r e a l l y c r u m m y . . . and I just can't bring myself to get involved. (Did I actually just type that? That wasn't very nice of me.)

Amber Grannis said...

Hey, Lelly, I caught wind yesterday that my autistic brother, Doug, is going to be the artist for several of the back-drops for their local play-house's production of Suessical the Musical this summer! I couldn't think of anyone else who would care to know...but I immediately thought of YOU! I will doubtless be seeing the production to view my brother's artwork (and take in a good show!)'ll be on my mind you can be sure. Hope you're having fun with it!!

carlo said...

oh my goodness!! you will be a GREAT cat.

congrats!!!!!!!! so awesome