Friday, May 09, 2008

photoless phriday

let's see what kind of trouble i can get into when i don't have to worry about posting an spt challenge...

you've got your *wordless wednesday.* ladies and gentleman (ahem, warren), i give you *photoless phriday,* my take on *five for friday.*

1) i am currently topless (see how much trouble i can get into when there are no photos?!?) seriously - i have no spring/summer tops!! all of the tops i love are sweaters, which don't do me any good when it's 82 degrees out. at some point, i thought i might try to challenge myself to wear one of my cute skirts every day of may, but i soon came to realize that i had nothing to pair them with. i am so fashion challenged!

2) matty is working on my mother's day present right now. it involves our yard, and i couldn't be more thrilled. typically, when asked what i would like for a gift, i demure. what could i possibly need? what more could i want than my family's health and happiness? well, i can tell you what i wouldn't pick: hair dye (Christmas 2007), a weightloss book (Valentines 2008). there's really no way to graciously receive either of these gifts. i can't wait to show you the yard project!

3) every dinner i have eaten this week has involved marinara sauce. i can't begin to explain how this happened. we're having tacos tonight. i can't decide if that's a relief, or not.

4) tomorrow morning, i will be simultaneously picking up roadside trash (our adopt-a-highway project) and playing 18 holes of golf (Montessori fundraiser.) yeah, i'll let you know how that turns out.

5) i have been blog-crawling and soaking up every detail of Blog Party 2008. i really, really, REALLY want to meet all of you wonderful people!! with your ribbon covered computer keyboards and late-night Q & A sessions!! and ribbon wrapped cupcakes! and canadian truffles in pizza boxes! and a canadienne sneaking through the hampton inn, with her super-sleuth sister-in-law! i seriously had a very vivid dream that i WAS there, and it was every bit as fun as i imagined it would be.

5a) if you are secretly reading my blog from norcross, GA or durham, NC, why don't you pop in and say hello?!?

don't forget your challenge for next week: something new. happy mother's day to you all (or to your spouses!)


carlo said...

now that was worth the wait!

good luck with the cloning of lelly for all of your fun tomorrow. i am sure you can do it, if anyone can!

i am so with you on #5, as you know. still get sad thinking about it.

carlo said...

oh and your topless comment? CLASSIC.

thanks for the sweet surprise in my mailbox. you are so much more on top of things than i am.

but i guess you already know that!

carlo said...

hmmm, it is so quiet round here tonight. wondering where everyone is?

it is unusual that i am actually around. it is sad when no one else is...

carlo said...

even jill hasn't posted yet today.


:) ok, i will stop posting comments now so everyone else can...

happy mother's day weekend.

Laurie said...

wish you could have made the blog party too.

we'd all love to hear the marinara story.

love the new photoless phriday. :)

Laurie said... the way, coming up with a "something new" spt is proving to be a little more challenging than "something old."

Alisha said...

Hair dye and a weight-loss book. Those do take the cake, don't they. ;) The yard work gift sounds fantastic! I dream of a gift like that. (Instead I'll be getting the rug from Costco that I picked out myself, purchased myself, handed to my 10-yr old and asked her to wrap it.)

I like your photoless phriday.

And Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

Kim Sue said...

topless, bottomless - I am seriously in need of warm weather clothes. Seriously have no idea what I will wear to church tomorrow?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your former gifts are f-u-n-n-y, Lelly. Oh man.

I can't wait to see your gift of yard.

That was so generous of you to help work out Hampton details for the blog party.

Kelly said...

Lelly, I think you need to come up with your SPT challenges a month at a time every time. This post was fabulous!

Topless! Your gifts -- hair dye?! I would love to know the thought behind that. I was behind a guy at Barnes & Noble who was buying a weight loss book for his girlfriend at Christmas. I tried desperately to convince him to buy something else, but he was sure that she would love it since she always talked about her flab.

I was so wishing that you and Carlo were going to be surprise Blog Party attendees. You were missed!

Jill said...

Next year you really must plan on coming to the party. SPTs were mentioned during the night and I felt like having a moment of silence to recognize your absence.

I'm relieved that your Mother's Day gift is going to be something you like, hair dye and a diet book have got to be two of the worst gifts ever!

Holly said...

I like photoless phriday. A lot. Can't wait for the result post( I must have Dancing With the Stars on my brain) on all these happenings.

Becky said...

I really wish I could have been at the blog party, too!

Any time you want to head to good ole Phoenix, AZ Lelly I'd love to see you :)

Loved reading all of your fun comments (topless had me laughing!).

Amanda :-) said...

That's a pain, when warm weather catches you out and you have no suitable clothes.

I gave oodles of things to the charity shop, thinking I'd replace them - but I never got around to it, and now we're having a mini-heatwave and I'm frantically wearing and washing the few tops I've got in a rapid turnaround!

I hope you find the time and inspiration to grab some pretty things to go with your skirts!!

April said...

I agree with Kelly...I like the view of your life even more than I like the SPT challenge.


crystal said...

Aha! Norcross &'re BUSTED!

#1 had my eyebrows raised as far as they could go. Grrraaawwrrrr!

May I join you & Carlo in the sentiments on #5? Next year...right?