Friday, March 09, 2007

wide open spaces

the first tooth has finally come loose, and i am now $2.00 (not $1000.00) dollars poorer!!

i felt the need to have the tooth fairy leave a little something. using the library card template that missy pointed out, i made this sweet little envelope for the dollar bills. (sorry for the dark pics... i was under the cover of night!!)

<-cute clip art from my print shop program.

dollars slip in the back ->

we are planning to create more space in our garage this weekend, with a much needed clutter clear-out. does anybody else have that last box of Christmas decorations that still hasn't been sealed up tight?!?

on a personal note, i am sporting more space in my wardrobe, as the scales have dipped to the 18 1/2 mark!!

happy weekend, everybody!


carlo said...

woowoo on new wardrobe!!!!!! great work, lelly!!

love the tooth fairy pics.

ummmm, most of my christmas boxes are in the basement begging me to organize them and properly put them away. ahmem. hope to get to that soon...after spring break...yikes. glad i am not alone!

Michelle Alley said...

I love those clear out and throw away days - it's so refreshing! Everyweek, I go through my girls room and throw away. I need to do that more with my own space! Have great day!

Mandy said...

Great job on losing weight. I gave up pop for Lent, apparently I drink a lot of it and have lost 4 pounds. It obviously wasn't the reason I gave up pop, but it's a nice reward.

I am an organizing fool. I love the feeling of an organized closet, etc. It helps me relax. Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I do have one last unsealed box becayse I need to go buy some tape and my little guy keeps finding it and bringing out decorations. Must buy tape.
I love your tooth money envelopes. I will have to get one ready because my daughter has her first loose tooth.

Amy said...

Yay for 18 1/2...that is amazing. I love organizing, but have sooooooo much trouble starting a job.

amy m said...

I love to declutter and am just waiting for my husband to get to the garage.

Love the library card money holder from the tooth fairy...brilliant idea.

Congrats on the dip. I hope you get to fill up the empty space with a lot good stuff.

Jill said...

That money holder turned out very cute and I'm relieved that the tooth fairy did not come through with the $1000.

Congrats on the decluttering and the weightloss!! Way to go.

michelle said...

Down 18 1/2 pounds?! Amazing! Way to go. I need to purge and organize far more often than I do, such a satisfying feeling. Glad the tooth fairy didn't break the bank!

Jenny said...

Great fabulous news about the wardrobe!!

I am assuming only $2 poorer because it was a tooth that was going to be pulled? Good luck with the weekend project.

Amanda :-) said...

Oh, Lelly, I DREAD Erin coming to me with her first loose tooth! I've got a 'thing' about teeth! Yeuch. That Tooth Fairy envelope cutey though!

Decorations - Erin still has a Santa ornament sitting on her window ledge from Christmas. I just keep forgetting to pack him away!

Well done on weight loss too! My wardrobe clear outs work opposite to you - I keep getting rid of stuff that I've accepted I'll probably never fit back into. That prob sounds v.negative, but we're talking about skirts that I wore over 10 years ago (and pre-2 kids)!

Kelly said...

Cute toothfairy envelope, and I'm glad he settled for $2. :)

18 1/2 is seriously something to celebrate. Way to go, I'm impressed.

Crystalyn said...

congrats on the wardrobe! most exciting. such an accomplisment.

also an exciting milestone to have a visit from the tooth fairy. love your idea!

melanie said...

Love the new wardrobe!! What perfect timing, I love new clothes in the spring!

Tooth fairy pictures are adorable. It should be coming up on time for that here in our house. Our fairy wont find $1000 either. I wish I would though! Love the money holder.

Barb said...

I love the tooth fairy picture, and that you did something special for the lost tooth.

Way to tie all your thoughts together under one title. Are you a Dixie Chicks fan?