Monday, March 26, 2007

window shopping

i'm in the mood to shop! my ever-growing list of "wants-not-needs" is growing longer!! if i had $1000 burning a hole in my pocket, here's what i'd be looking for:

a new camera
(looks like i'm going to have to replace my trusty point & shoot nikon. grrr. it's just not worth it to have it fixed. however, i won't be able to get my dream camera for a while yet, so, i'm in search of another point & shoot option.)

summer shoes
(i am sadly down to one pair of sandals that are appropriate for work/play, and i'm glad to report that they don't fit as well as they did last year - in a i'm-losng-weight-in-weird-places way.)

an everyday necklace
(i'm even bored with my selection of jewelry! i want a choker that will make me feel like this!)

something to read
(i keep putting off a trip to the library, because i feel hopelessly lost! what am i looking for? i'm thinking light and summery.)

a flirty skirt
(i need casual options for work that still say "i am FUN.")

what are you window shopping for these days?


carlo said...

oh great choices!! i love the shoes and the idea that jewelry makes you smile!!

i went shopping a bit with the gf's this weekend and i must say i am ready for fun and flirty clothes. though i must admit that i need to get on the "exercise" train like so many of you.

i splurged on a few things- fun pj's, cool oversized glasses and a few very fun headbands. still need a fun summer bag though.

if i could do the big ticket items i would want an eliptical machine and a great workout wardrobe. for some reason cute workout clothes help me want to work out. so nuts, i know...

carlo said...

ps- in writing "i need to get on the excercise train like so many of you" i DO hope that is taken to mean I need to be good about working out like so many of you have been doing NOT that so many of you need to be doing...oh know what I mean, right? (EEEK)

Jill said...

It's fun to read about your wish list. I could use some of those items too.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun post. A few summery books came to mind. You have probable read the shopaholic books. Other fun authors I like. Jane Green, Cecelia Ahern, Marian Keyes. (the last one has a bunch of novels about sisters all in the same family so you might want to get them in order.
Now I can't stop thinking about flirty skirts.

Kristi Brooke said...

ok that skirt... oh my! love it.

amy m said...

How I would love to go shopping. Right now I am craving new spring cloths. Off with the sweaters and in with the T's, my fav.

Of course I am a sucker for all things that have to do with photography.

Good Luck.

Kelly A. said...

Love what the jewelry said! I am always shopping for new jewelry.

I'm into chaper three of a so far light book about a Texas Junior League socialite. Maybe it is even better because I live in Texas and have seen the stereyotype up close and personal but..."the Devil in the Junior League." So far light and summery read.

Jenny said...

Your first picture is what I want too!! Now where can we get $1000. Off a tree?

Barb said...

What would it be like to have money burning a hole in my pocket? My burning through my money isn't really the same thing, is it? I liked the right, then left placement of your photos in your post - very cool visual effect.

Amy said...

I love this post! I love seeing what you're dreaming of. I love virtual shopping. And I, too, am dreaming of expensive cameras. Jim is holding off. Some day. It cracks me up that of all things your sandals aren't fitting the same with your weight loss. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

yeah - all of that!!! Well, except that I don't read as a hobby - I better stick my scriptures - that's more than I can handle most of the time! I love new shoes/sandals, new skirts, new clothes that make you feel good!! I need some too. I love spring - makes me sooooo happy!!!

Stephanie said...

Love the list. Somehow my list never stops growing. Definitely want a new camera. Am in dire need of cute workout clothes. Your list was great and I could use all of those things. I love wish lists!!

michelle said...

I love this! I think I need that necklace too -- wouldn't it be great to feel like that every day?

I'm window shopping for shoes, jeans, summer shirts, a new summer bag, new workout shoes...

and I never tire of buying new books.