Thursday, March 08, 2007

writer's block

whew. i am still reading and rereading tuesday's self-portrait submissions. i can honestly say that this project is sooooo much more than i ever could have imagined it to be. all i can say is, "where have you people been all my life?!?"

there are so many thoughts that i would like to comment on, expound upon, mull over and make a part of my personal daily pep talk. i should dive right in, and yet, the words, they are eluding me. each night as my son shares his newfound skill of reading, i think how alike we are: some words come easily to him, some he labors after, and inevitably the look comes over his face, "a - ha." i know the feeling that comes with that look. that is the feeling i am waiting for.

in the meantime, i must blog! i managed to quietly slip by the 100 post mark. i love going back and reading those first posts, when i wondered if my blog name was o.k., if my writing style would eventually come through in this new medium, if anybody was out there!!

100+ posts later, i am glad to say, yes, yes and YES!!

in the meantime, i continue my book journaling, a 24 year habit. for those of you who are also keen on the handwritten journal, may i introduce you to my good friend:

my oldest and dearest friend, a fellow lifelong journaler, introduced me to the 10+ journal shortly before my son was born. it is a gorgeous, leatherbound book that contains the contents of 11 years of life. i am in love with the fact that every day, i can glance back over "that date in history" and peek back at my life. the four line entries for each day are perfect at the end of the day when it takes all i have to jot down a few words. there is ample space in the back of the book to continue those entries that must go on and on. there are also monthly at-a-glance pages, goal-setting pages, address pages, and special dates records.

i whole-heartedly recommend this book to those of you who journal.

and, in up-coming news, i believe i have finally stumbled upon the "perfect identity" for our self-portrait tuesday challenges, which i will be revealing next week. hope you are having fun with the upcoming challenge!


Elizabeth said...

That is a beautiful book. How precious that will be for your children and grandchildren to flip through those and see your handwriting filling all those pages.
I am enjoying next Tuesdays challenge immensely.

Amy said...

Come Lelly, why so mean?...such a teaser with the label of "next week. I so prefer right NOW.

While I try to calm my impatience, I'll say I love that journal. I seriously think I'll be getting one of those. Beautiful.

carlo said...

very cool and i love that it looks doable even on the busiest of days.

Jill said...

I'm excited to see the new perfect identity for our Tuesday projects, I've been thinking about it but haven't had any good ideas yet.

Barb said...

I've tabbed that journal site. A little pricy at first glance, but then I remind myself it would last 11 years! I'm hanging onto the idea for Christmas gifts, maybe.

I am so excited to find out the identity of our Tuesday projects!

Laura said...

Wow I love that journal thanks for sharing. I definately want one.

Kristi Brooke said...

having fun?? i am like a crazed woman. good thing there is no film anymore or I would be out 100's of dollars.
you should have seen me today downtown!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to hear the big reveal of the "SPT" official identity! I am having trouble with Tuesdays -- my arms do not seem to be long enough to get anything in the background with me. I'm going to try again tomorrow, but I had fun being a freak on the streets of Portland this afternoon. :)

Crystalyn said...

i can relate to everything you wrote in this post. i too love to have a handwritten journal although i'm not even close to writing in it daily. and i too wonder if i will find my own writing style. i feel there is so much inside and want it to all come out just perfectly and yet, the words elude me as well.. congrats on 100+ posts! very exciting. am so glad to have crossed "blogging paths" with you. i love you're "where have you been all my life?" my life is definitely richer with this blogging thing.