Monday, February 12, 2007

creative sunday & good mail & sting

ugh, yesterday was a loooong day. jack and i made it to church for the second week in a row (the youth are doing a puppet show next sunday, so i feel the responsibility of getting him there to participate. he is playing "mr. phil theo rich" "filthy rich," get it?!?)

afterwards, he put on the hard core press for some playground time. i was really not into it, as i have been battling insomnia for a few nights. but after he pulled down a cooler, and asked for a picnic lunch, how could i refuse?? we ended up spending about 2 hours at the playground, and i thanked him for the great suggestion.

of course, after that, i was down for the count. i really needed a nap, so he invited one of the neighbors over and i let them play xbox - lego star wars for a while. they were inside/outside for the rest of the afternoon, and i dozed in and out. i have to get used to this new sunday schedule, because the end of the day is here before i know it!

i did manage to finish jack's birthday party invitations.

here they are, all lined up and ready to be delivered. thanks to my sister, jen, for the idea to have it at the new playground. i also got some inspiration from martha stewart, kristi & annie kate, and stacy, and all i can tell you is that jack's party is gonna ROCK!!

i got some good mail last week.

a cute card from carlo with one of her darling crayon hearts, and a thank you from kristi. now i'm getting spoiled, and it was so disappointing that our our mailbox was TOTALLY empty on saturday!! not even a bill or a netflix...

o.k., who saw the police reunion last night on the grammys??


carlo said...

wow- 2 posts in one day! I need to get on the ball!

I was totally upset that I missed the first 1/2 hr of the Grammy's so I obviously missed Sting and gang. I love the Grammy's and was so upset that I missed the Police, the Dixie CHicks but thrilled that I was able to see James Blunt (even with his techinical difficulties), Justin T, and MJBlige. Amazing performances by Christina A and John Legend/Mayer and Corrine B.R. Did I mention that I LOVE the Grammy's? :)

PS- Hope your sleep schedule gets back on track soon?!

carlo said...

Almost forgot- too cute on the cooler story- You had to go after that!!

Love the invites, too.

Amy said...

I can't wait to hear about the birthday party. Are you seriously going to do a Rock cake? The invites are too cute!

michelle said...

I missed the Police reunion, bummer. The rock party looks so cute, you'll have to share more on that. Isn't that weird when the mailbox is totally empty?