Monday, February 12, 2007

random thoughts

jack has declared sunday evenings should feature "that dinner with sticks." he's not very good with "the sticks," but i have managed to make the job easier by wedging a lincoln log between the sticks with a rubber band.

personally, i think i will now eat all my dinners with sticks, because it makes me sloooow dooowwnn. i have this problem with eating incredibly fast!!

i have declared sunday evenings should feature "brothers and sisters" on abc @ 10 pm, because i simply can NOT get enough of rob lowe!!


Amy said...

OK, I'll confess to you that this is a show I watch on the sly. I watched it with Jim once and felt completely foolish, didn't enjoy it. But I enjoy it alone. I'm living a lie.

Kelly A. said...

The stick dinner! Love it!

I watched Bro and Sis once and liked it, but night time TV is just too hard to fit in. The kids are around and hearing things they shouldn't or I am ready for bed.

March 7 they come to install our DVR, it will be a whole new world for me!

carlo said...

I was picturing true sticks until I kept reading the post. (I am such a dork)

I think I would like B&S but I just haven't wanted to dive into a new show. The whole backlog of shows and getting to know characters. It is all so

Oh I hear you on the DVR kelly a. I would lose my mind with DVR. I need one though.