Wednesday, February 14, 2007


inspired by crystalyn, i have been thinking about the reasons why i love my love.

1) i love that you didn't give up stalking me
2) i love that you have a tender heart
3) i love that you care about animals, a love that we definitely do not share
4) i love that you never miss the ferry to work
5) i love that you love cooking
6) i love that you can skate circles around me
7) i love that you take care of the bugs
8) i love that you give great backrubs
9) i love that you sometimes crank call me with foreign accents
10) i love that you can recite 'romeo & juliet' AND that you listen to obnoxious metal music
11) i love that you are not afraid to get your hands dirty
12) i love that you love my family
13) i love that you know when i need quiet
14) i love that we are here today


Crystalyn said...

sweet list lelly! sounds like you got a winner! i'm very impressed by never missing the ferry...oh how i wish i could be better about being on time.

hope you had a great day!

Kelly A. said...

Crank calling, hee! I love a good sense of humor!

carlo said...

what a fun and sweet list. sounds like a sweetie pie. love the sense of humor and i think it is one of the most important qualities!

Mandy said...

Hi Lelly, I noticed you comment on a lot of the blogs I frequent and so I thought I would view your blog. Such a cute list. My husband also helps with the bugs and gives good backrubs.

michelle said...

I think that #12 and #13 are reasons enough to keep him around!