Monday, February 05, 2007

creative sunday

jack and i went off to Sunday School and church to start the day. we've been talking about getting into this routine. it can be so challenging, since matty is up and off to work by 5:15, and we have gotten in the habit of lounging around in our p.js. on sunday mornings.

so, off we went, and i really enjoyed myself. our church is medium-sized, with a definite trend toward the retired senior citizens. i've let that be an easy reason for me to stay away.

when we got home, i worked on these fun pillowcases. i wasn't sure how matty and jack would feel about so many hearts on their beds, but they actually helped pick out the fabric!

while i sewed, jack serenaded me with a concert featuring every. single. instrument. we own. for the record, those are:

the piano
the alto saxophone
the clarinet
the guitar
the largest assortment of percussion

i love his openness to learning an instrument (goodness knows, i have spent a large part of my life seated at a piano or marching in a band). but, he hasn't actually had any lessons on any of these instruments. i resisted the urge to run for the earplugs!!

he also helped me get together some good mail. when matty got home, we headed to the park for an hour. that was about all we could take in the chill!! i think we were all asleep before 9:00. (what superbowl?!?)


Amy said...

The pillowcases are soooo cute. I've thought about doing something like that for holidays...just might still. I had better do it while my boys are still small enough to like it rather than protest!

carlo said...

Totally adorable pillowcases! Really cute fabric.

Kristi Brooke said...

ok loving the pillowcases and your family so musical!

but off to the best subject of the day my GOOD MAIL. girl i can't believe you sent me one of those awesome ideas. you have saved me $100's in therapy. i love the idea, i love that is for valentines, i just love it a million times over. and the 2 page hand written letter so endearing thank you!!!!