Friday, February 02, 2007


isn't it funny how we all crave validation in some way? we put our blogs out there for so many different reasons: some journaling, some history telling, some history making, some sharing, some questioning, some searching...

in my early days of writing this blog (oh, so looong ago {tee hee}) i wrote this post, sort of addressing my fear that no one would respond to my blog. you know, "what if i threw a party and nobody came?"

i blog because i really enjoy journaling. i have kept a written journal almost continuously since junior high school. even in my "personal" journal, i find that i write as if someone, someday, may read it.

so over the past few months, i've really begun to settle into this blog. i've also begun to comment so much more on other blogs.


how amazing that just a few short sentences in response to someone's post can create hundreds of connections! how fascinating!

in an email with jill we were talking about how important comments feel. that we like to think we'd blog even if there were no comments. but, man, it's soooo awesome to get comments. to feel validated? "you like me. you really like me."

this week has garnered a lot of new activity on my blog (if the statistics are true), and it has me feeling welcome.

welcome to amuse-bouche. i hope we'll be friends for a long time.


carlo said...

So true! I have appreciated your comments and I am happy to be a part of your new traffic! :)

Kristi Brooke said...

welcome and i am thrilled to have added you to my sidebar!

Jill said...

The comments definitely help move things along don't they? I hate feeling like I've written something and just sent it out into the void, it's so much nicer to know someone read it and feels that way too.