Wednesday, February 21, 2007

good mail, good things

what fun to come home from work and find a mailbox full of good things! it totally made up for the postal holiday on monday!

a very sweet note from carlo wishing me well with the upcoming soup swap (more details to follow!) an extra special surprise was the recipe for a great pot roast on the back of the card! girls, you can send me recipes any time!

and from kelly, what in the world?!? training clips for jack's chopsticks!! i have never seen such a thing. he ate his pancakes with sticks last night.

i was so surprised and thrilled to get a package of amanda's super cute magnets! matty was fascinated, and you should have seen me chasing him around the kitchen saying, "give me my good mail back!" thank you, girls!

after my long recap of sundays adventures with jack, i failed to tell about my fabulous new find! driving home from church, we passed a collection of 'things' on the side of the road. i was immediately taken with a wooden chair. i just had to have it! i have been picturing a similar chair to place next to my roll top desk.

only, i didn't have the guts to take it! i mean, there it was, supposedly for the taking, right? but matty usually gets that stuff for me. does this sound silly or what? i knew it would be gone by the time matty got off the afternoon ferry, so it was up to me!

i'm sooo glad i went back, because it looks perfect, don't you think?!?

do you ever pick up thing that are left on the side of the road??


michelle said...

Training clips for chopsticks? Who knew?! I may have to look for some of those myself!

Love your side of the road find. Sadly, I've never found anything on the side of the road except litter. You scored.

carlo said...

oh it does look great and made for that spot!

i have seen things but never had the nerve to actually pick up.

can't wait to hear about the big soup swap!!

Jill said...

That chair is awesome, I'm so glad you went back to get it. I have never found anything like that on the side of the road, but I would have been giddy if I had.

carlo said...

ps- glad you liked the card! I thought you would enjoy the bonus recipe! :)

Amanda :-) said...

I used to live and work in the Netherlands and there was a 'general understanding' in the region that if you didn't want anything bulky anymore then you could leave it at the end of your street and it was free for whoever wanted to pick it up.

I felt so much better leaving stuff like that for others to take. I left a load of tubs of brand-new paint there once, as I'd bought the wrong shade and didn't know enough Dutch to take it all back and ask for an exchange! Durr. But it must've been a brilliant find for someone...

The chair's a delight! Well done!

Kristi Brooke said...

i love getting things off the side of the road.