Wednesday, February 28, 2007

wednesday wrap-up

oh, what i have learned about feet! we love them. we hate them. they hurt us. they carry us. they carry our families. we paint them and laugh at the way the polish chips away. we cover them or uncover them throughout the day.

These feet of mine may be rough, calloused, usually barefoot, naked without polish, but on those rare occasions, I love the fact that I have these feet of mine that allow me to feel alive. - allison

I like this idea of "putting our best foot forward." Pushing aside those things that pull us down and doing what we know to make us a better person. Essentially our best foot will always benefit others. - amy m

I used to think that “best foot forward” meant wrapped in Enzo Angiolini, a perfect match to a new suit, rushing, moving, working, inevitably sore at the end of the day. But times change. Now I put my “best foot forward” by sitting their naked selves on the ground next to 20 tiny toes, playing Zoo or Picnic. - amy s

I hope that even as I age, my feet will carry me as if I was still a little girl. - angie

these feet have shown me that I am capable of much more than I give myself credit for, that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. - anne

I had a long talk today with a friend about putting "my best foot forward" in life. Running is helping me to do this. It makes me feel so strong, healthy, and proud of myself, not in an egotisical way, but in a loving myself way. - bridget

When thinking of "putting my best foot forward" I thought of the shoes I wear in the different roles of my life. Each pair like an old friend. Each pair loved for their specific qualities and memories. - carlo

Literally every time I step foot into the gym I get a surge of energy and satisfaction. I'm so proud of myself for going, and feel so much better already (it'll be 3 weeks tomorrow). I feel stronger, proactive, determined, and happy...and like I'm moving forward. - jill

So, when I found these cute shoes that fit my casual lifestyle, and they were instantly comfortable, I was in love! - kelly

How does it put my "best foot forward"? I strive to be the kind of person that deserves the unconditional love of my dog... - missy

Feet!! Who knew one could compose so many thoughts about feet? - tina

this is a small, small sampling of this community putting their best feet forward! please go visit everyone and read about their feet. and if you wind up on a blog you haven't seen before, spend some time and look around!!

my sidebar is getting longer! last night during my walk, i was pondering the whole name situation: i'm sort of focusing on a play on words. something will come to me, i'm sure. i am still seeking your input!! as i was thinking about portrait, pictures, photos, images... it struck me that you are all no longer "self-portrai artistes..." you are IMAGE CONSULTANTS!


Laura said...

I know I am late, but I just posted my first self portrait Tuesday on my blog. Thanks for the idea.

Kristi Brooke said...

what a wonderful gathering of women.

hey so what are you plans for next weeks theme. i hope i am not the only one already thinking about what it will be. it will be like a present every time i find out.
give us the skinny on when we should check for the theme or if you want email address's to email them out.

lelly said...

i will be issuing the challenges on fridays by 10:100 am eastern.

HOWEVER, this week, you are lucky, becasue i will actually post the challenge this week on THURSDAY afternoon (i have a very special 6 year olds birthday to attend to on friday.)

Kelly said...

This was so fun, Lelly! I think you are making the world a little smaller this way, and I love that feeling. I had such a great time looking at feet (of all things!) yesterday, and I can't wait for next Tuesday.

Your list of image consultants is getting long! I'm going to have to check out some more feet!

Angie said...

I too loved looking at FEET, of all things. It is amazing what you can learn about each other by just looking at a photo of feet and reading what we each think of our own.

Can't wait to hear what the next challenge is.

Kristi,you aren't the only one thinking about what will be next. I'm giddy inside thinking about it!

Stephanie said...

I look forward to next weeks challenge. I loved reading about so many and their "feet". Here is my blog address... hope to get on the list for others to come and visit me. I love meeting so many new friends in this blogging world.

amy m said...

I love that you did a wrap up. I'll have to save this for sure. I love reading everyones different thoughts.

melanie said...

So fun lelly! I have had so much fun going to all the blogs! I can't wait for Thurs!

Jill said...

This was a fun way to do your Wednesday wrap-up, I'm so glad you started this!