Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ordinary Miracles

i keep catching this Sarah McLachlan tune (i think it's from the new Charlotte's Web). i'm a huge sarah fan, so i was drawn to this beautiful song from the beginning. i love this quote from the lyrics:

When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we are all a part
Of the ordinary miracle

i try to visualize my day when i wake up. all too often, it's a blur of getting up and out, getting to school, getting to work, putting out fires, thinking about dinner, walking, overseeing homework, bedtime reading, and possibly some quiet, creative time.

however, as i go throughout the day, i often stumble across ordinary miracles:
the way the sun streams into my kitchen windows while i'm packing lunches
the way jack's giggles when he's pretending not to wake up
the special time we have together on the drive to school
the way my staff constantly pulls together as a family
the way a crock pot dinner smells at the end of a long day
the azaleas on my walking route that are trying to bloom in february
the way jack is learning to read
the hour i find at the end of the day to watch some TV, or write a letter or design an invitation

i want to know what your ordinary miracles are!! will you share?


carlo said...

Nicely put, Lelly.

Part of the beauty in ordinary miracles is actually slowing down to realize them in the first place.

Kelly A. said...

Beautiful, really makes you think about blessings! I love the very early morning hours, morning just feels like a miracle. Now 4-6 p.m. is another story!

We are big Sarah McL fans here too. We could turn on "Posession" when my son was a baby and he'd stop crying instantly. Who can't be a fan of that?

Kelly A. said...

I just had to come back again because your Dirty Dancing quote is going to have me cracking up all day! You are a clever gal. Thanks!

Amy said...

I loved this post. Thank you for sharing the beauty. Ordinary miracles...I'll be thinking to notice today...

Kristi Brooke said...

ok let's just say it you are a great blogger!
love your ideas, photos and such. so great to have you.

ordinary miracle for me is seriously getting out of bed each day.
i really struggle with depression and every day is a fight for me to be happy and not lose my temper, i have trained myself pretty well, but the miracle is that God fills in the rest.

michelle said...

I love this post and I love Kristi's comment - getting up and making it through the day sometimes feels like a miracle. Some of mine are: getting the beds made, having a clean kitchen, getting (or sending) good mail, making Eva laugh, reading posts like this one!

Crystalyn said...

i love this! beautifully written. thanks for sharing.