Tuesday, February 06, 2007

good mail

i was very excited to finish up my walk yesterday at the mailbox. inside was a very nice note from jill along with some really cute "good mail" labels. i love the colors, jill! they are the exact colors i used on some notecards earlier this year.

***Edited to add***
my good friend, karen, just stopped by with some awesome walking mixes that she made for me!!

i cannot walk without music!!

i was rereading some old journals last night, and came across a page from 1984, that literally began, "these days i live for getting mail..." the circle really is unbroken, isn't it??

***Edited AGAIN to add***
Good Soup! matty just called to tell me about his lunch. i assumed he took leftovers from last night. he did. however, he and his crew (they are the public works department on bald head island) were surprised with soup from one of the women who lives on the island. she thought it was too cold for them to be working outside, so she made them soup!!

can you guess which one is matty??


carlo said...

So awesome, Lelly!

Jill said...

I'm so glad you got the good mail I sent. I thought those colors were rather cheerful looking and fun.

I love getting mix cds like that, what a nice friend Karen is to make you walking mixes like that.

How sweet of that woman to make soup for Matty and his crew. It's so nice to read about good people doing nice things for other people.

Kristi Brooke said...

i love those good mail labels. jill really invented something great there.

her card is great too.

who doesn't love good music.

thanks to you i have had good mail today too!

Kelly A. said...

When you can't think of anything to post, write a list of one of your walking mixes. I have to exercise with music too and love getting new music ideas.