Thursday, January 24, 2008


well, it finally happened... i started out on a run and had to cut it short. don't get me wrong, i've thought about cutting it short before, but i've never actually done it.

i set out to do the 4 mile run. i was going to see how my time compared to last saturdays and mondays. but in the first mile i knew something was wrong. it wasn't just that i felt lethargic. it wasn't just that i felt like i was walking and not jogging. it wasn't even raining, or cold.

it was my bladder.

holy cow. it felt like my bladder weighed 10 pounds! i finished up the first mile, willing myself to believe that i could put mind over matter. in the second mile, i kept breaking my running to walk. i decided to turn toward home. i was still about 3/4 of a mile away.

i really didn't know if i would make it! because, the thing is, there is NO good place to potty on my route. my detour took me past the house of the only neighbors where i would think of stopping, but they weren't home!! agh, the agony!

oh well, 29:40 at walk 1/run 11/hobble 2.5

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carlo said...

oh the "mom" bladder is a killer.

bonus for me and the treadmill in the basement. the view isn't as good but is it ever nice to have a toilet when i really need it! :)