Tuesday, January 08, 2008


i have a confession to make.

last weekend, after running 6 miles, i re-rode the route in my car to double check the mileage.

after. i ran.

and i was wrong. the "out" loop was only 2.8 miles, making my total run only 5.6 miles. four tenths of a mile short.

really? because it sure felt like six miles!!

so this weekend i felt the pressure to make good on the six miles. i just had to do it.

and, you know what???

and WHY didn't i take a photo afterwards?!? oh, well. it was awesome!!

total time 1:51:57 @ walk 1/run 8 (which means i walked a total of 13 minutes of the entire time. woo HOO!! (please note the under 16 minute mile...)

1 comment:

carlo said...

wahoo!!!! so proud of you and girl, 6 miles or 5.whateva miles, you rock!

think of it this way...is it more than you did 3 months ago? 1 month ago?

I think so!