Monday, January 14, 2008


today, i was good for a 6 miler. i was actually hoping to run in the raindrops, but all the moisture had moved out by the time i got out the door. well, all the moisture but the humidity... i had to take off my jacket within the first mile!

it was a good run, my first mile was a 14:33 pace, which i'm pleased to announce is becoming more my *norm* than the previously recorded 15 and 16 minute miles. i'm still sticking very close to my walk/run regimen, and i have no doubt that once i am running the first mile consistently, that time will come down even more. for now, i'm not even going to sweat it.

total time 1:34:29 at walk 1/run 9. the run itself felt really good, and i'm happy to stay around 6 miles on the weekends (until, of course, i'm *really* training for a. big. race.)


carlo said...

dang, i NEED to start running again b/c i won't even be in your league for a race soon enough.

carlo said...

oh and i am proud of you! :)