Thursday, January 03, 2008


what a difference 24 hours makes. we went from the 60s straight down into the 20s overnight! ah, winter!! (now, if only we could see a few snow flurries...)

out i went, with two and three layers of clothes, for the most pathetic 2 and 1/2 mile run in recent history (my muscles were tight, the clothing added weight, etc., etc.)

total time 41:25 with 5 minutes of walking (walk 1/run 8). my pace was 16.5, which is a minute slower per mile than i was accomplishing last week. once again, i have to say that i'm just glad i was out there! i am NOT going to let numbers get me down. not at this stage of the game...

1 comment:

carlo said...

the fact that you went out there and RAN in the cold-- kudos.

So proud of you and don't let the numbers get to you.