Friday, December 28, 2007


it's time to bust out the calorie notebook again!

i just did a little exercise on runners world, where it figured i burned 898 calories during my 5 mile run.


that's, like, dinner and dessert...

(caveat: yes, i know that the calculator was making a LOT of assumptions, given that the only info it had was miles run and my weight. but still... 898.)

i then read an article on the same site that extolls the multitude of virtues of running vs. walking - in terms of calories burned. NET calories burned, to be precise. seems you can burn about 4X the calories running a mile as opposed to walking it. whew!!

i've been saying that my new running hobby is not so much about the weight loss than it is the exercise and the mental growth. i've sort of been avoiding the scale altogether (i got on it last week. the news was *not* good. but, at least it gives me a starting point, in case i'm interested in that later...) i have been sort of obsessively looking in the mirror, and using the measuring tape. and BOTH of those make me feel very good right now.

so maybe i start recording those calories again, you know, just to keep track. couldn't hurt.

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carlo said...

you know this so i won't harp on it but the scale means NOTHING.

your health and well being, and your mental health mean so much more.

besides, muscle weighs more...