Saturday, December 08, 2007


i did not want to run yesterday. i wanted to sleep! i'm in the midst of a 12 day stretch at work, and my body just wants to curl up with a cup of tea!

after a 30 minute *power* nap, i leapt off the bed and forced myself out onto my 2 mile route. it was horrible!! most of the way, i just wanted to turn around and go back home. so i kept it simple - this week is walk 1/run 4 - and i just stuck with that plan. no efforts to run without walking.

total time 32:14, which isn't bad! my final time was solid for my 2 mile route, and i ran a total of 25.5 minutes, so i'm going to chalk this one up as a good training session!

i'm just glad i did it, and i really should be nicer to myself about the fact that i think walk 1/run 4 is now a *simple* workout!!

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