Thursday, December 27, 2007


after a short day at work, i headed out for a 4 pm run. even as i walked outside, layering and layering, i really didn't have a clear idea of how far i was going to go. so i'm thrilled to report that i ran 5 miles!! with some awesome numbers to report.

total time 1:16:41 @ walk 1/run 7. i only took 8 minute-long walk breaks (i skipped one in the first mile and one in the last mile!)

i went out really pushing it, and did the first mile in 12:50. my best mile ever!! (i also really felt it in the next mile...) by mile 1/5, i had shed gloves AND hat, and found interesting ways to stash them all in my vest! throughout the run, i tried to push myself to do brief *sprints* (and i use the term *sprints* very loosely.)

so, i shaved over three minutes from my total time, and chalked up a VERY decent 15:28 per mile pace. and THAT is all there is to say about THAT!!

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carlo said...

woowoo!!!!!!!! gets easier, doesn't it???