Wednesday, December 19, 2007


last night, jack decided he wanted to go with me. (inner groan - these excursions don't usually go well.) but, who can resist a child who wants to exercise? not me! so, off we went with jack on his bike and with very cold hands.

it was dark. i can't even say it was almost dark. i had my headlamp and he was covered with glowsticks, but i was still very stressed about the fact that we probably couldn't be seen very well. and even though there were very few vehicles about, i also felt stressed that those drivers were probably questioning my parenting skills, too!

all was fine and dandy until about 1/4 mile in, when jack's pedal fell off. we got it fixed (temporarily) and went on our way. i have to say the running felt very good, and i was still optimistic about the *gentle* 2 mile run.

until about the 1 mile mark when the pedal fell off again, and this time, it was not to be repaired. so now jack was walking his bike in the dark while i was doing my best to keep up a good pace. he absolutely refused to leave the bike behind, even though i promised matty would come right out and pick it up for him!

34 minutes later, we were nearing home. i honestly felt like i could keep running! (like i said, the first two miles were fairly *gentle.* so, after a quick potty break, i headed out to do it all over again!!

total time 1:01:14 with 2 minutes of walking, one potty break, and several "waiting for jack" moments. what was it, 3 1/2, 4 miles?!? it was AWESOME, that's what it was! i really never, ever thought that after only a month and a half, i would be a runner!

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