Friday, December 14, 2007

spt - the children were nestled all snug in their beds

'twas the week before Christmas, which means (if you're *me*) that it's time to start getting ready!! of course, one of the side effects of being a last minute shopper is that there are some looooong nights leading up to Christmas Eve.

there will be assembling and wrapping and card stuffing, and all of that must wait until jack is asleep. when it's "lights out" i settle into my routine. and now that the tree is up (all 7 1/2 feet of pre-lit glory!) my living room becomes santa's workshop. i can listen to handel, or vince gueraldi; watch bing crosby or clark griswold... yes, it will be a while before i can settle down to my own long winter's nap.

are you up late at night getting ready for Christmas? are you surprised, as an adult, how much effort it takes to make the holiday *magical?* if you're already "ready," do you take time to sit in the glow of the tree and the candles and really enjoy the spirit of the season? is there a favorite Christmas movie that you watch, or favorite music that you enjoy? are you rested and relaxed? or a tad frazzled, like me?


pjmesser said...

Oh- I'm frazzled all right! Great spt idea, lelly.

Amy said...

Another great SPT...and I definitely want to remember a picture of my sleeping the one of your sleeping Jack!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute idea!

Katie A. said...

Very cute "nestled" child! I thought I was almost done with Christmas preparations, and early, at that. Then I realized that there's only 10 days until Christmas, and I still have to package and send items. Not ready yet!!

michelle said...

all I can say is, I am glad it's not this time last year! (up until 2 or 3 a.m. every. single. night.)

Claudissima said...

oh my...i can be staring at the tree and then realize it is the 16? what?// all kinds of emotions...I have everything really that i could do...but not everything I should do

sista # 2 said...

HI! Just stopping by ;) It's been
awhile. That is the cutest picture!
I have a long to-do list today and
my lil guy is home sick!yikes.Thats
why I shouldn't be so last minute!