Thursday, December 20, 2007


last night, jack decided to try the scooter. why didn't i just have him stay home??? i was soooo stressed out about him scootering in the middle of the road, or scootering over his shoelaces, that i was a total screaming banshee. i actually called mat and had him come get jack!

i'm sorry, jack. we just have to find a well-lit, no-traffic area for our joint exercise ventures!!

at any rate, i think i ended up going 3 miles. i'm not even entirely sure.

total time 52:05 with 5? 6? 7? minutes of walking (like i said, i'm not even entirely sure.) after jack was picked up, i continued with walk 1/run 6 for the rest of the run (oh, except for that time that i went walk 1/run 9!)

a totally disorganized effort!

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