Tuesday, November 27, 2007


pushing darkness again, so i went with the slightly shorter route, sans music (i figure i need to be as *in tune* as possible with the world around me when it's getting dark.)

it was the first day of walk 1/run 3. i did the 4 repetitions pretty handily, although, i wouldn't have been able to do a 5th rep yet. i walked for three minutes, then finished out with some walk 1/run 1. i even managed to do another walk 1/run 3 towards the end. that rep felt really good (slightly downhill maybe?!?)

total time 28:17, with 18 minutes running.

i run really slowly. but, i RUN!

1 comment:

carlo said...


What a grat gift to yourself.

Run, run, run!

So proud of you...