Friday, November 16, 2007

random acts

on tuesday night, i skipped out of work a little early and dashed into walmart to pick up a few things i needed. i purposefully tried to get in and out before the true *after work* crowd hit.

our walmart has recently installed those rotating bag kiosks - you know the ones where the teller keeps spinning it around and around until you have 14 plastic bags filled (approximately one bag per item, as best i can tell...)

so i wasn't too surprised that when i got home, i found a bag that wasn't mine! the bag included some deli turkey, 3 of the smallest bananas i've ever seen, and a 15 pound brick of colby cheddar cheese. 15 pounds? could've been only 5, but was a huge brick of cheese.

oh, i did not relish the thought of trekking the 20 minutes back to walmart (where the *after work* crowd was no doubt milling around like lost sheep by this point.) but, we just knew someone was going to be missing that cheese!

matty made the trip. and to his credit, he *encouraged* the aloof customer service employee to make sure that they would make some effort to keep the groceries cold in case their rightful owner came back.

i hope they came back for the cheese.

does this ever happen to you? you should share your random acts of kindness over here. it feels so good!


Jenmomof4 said...

Thanks for sharing Lelly! I have been one of those that has left my stuff at Wal-mart. I came back the next day and they had it in customer service.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving next week!

Rachel said...

Thank you for your thoughts on healthful eating on my post. It can be overwhelming, but you gave some really great points!

Way to go on returning the items! You never know how much it can mean to someone...even if it was a mere $8.oo in gorceries, or what ever. You just never know...

michelle said...

Good work! I have left things at Walmart before, too, but it's just too far away to go traipsing back, even when I was bemoaning my missing crate of clementines... I hope that customer went back for their cheese.

Kelly said...

With that much cheese, they are probably planning to carve into a turkey shape for their Thanksgiving feast! So kind of you to make the effort to take it back.

Natasha said...

Good for you! ;)

Barb said...

I have never seen these rotating bag things, they don't have them at my Walmart. That RAK took some serious effort. I hope the cheese found it's proper home.

Amanda :-) said...

My husband spotted that the customer before him had left his debit card in the Chip and Pin machine at the till, so he gave it to the assistant. She was so relieved that he'd been honest enough to hand it in that she gave him a stack of vouchers as a 'reward'.

The vouchers equate to points. You donate your vouchers to the school of your choice, and the school trades them with the store company for sports equipment. When he got home, I counted up the vouchers. It was the equivalent of what he'd have earned if he'd spent £580!!!!