Thursday, November 22, 2007


and here i am, one week into this adventure, this new chapter in my life, and with a race under my belt!!

this morning was the 3rd annual wilmington turkey trot, and i am proud to include myself among the finishers.

it was a beautiful morning, and i was slightly terrified. but, last night while i was training, i made a promise to myself that i would stick with my trainig plan. that meant i would complete this race on a walk 1/run 2 cycle.

i ended up starting off with a run 3, because i really, REALLY wanted to start off running. then i was back on my walk 1/run 2 to complete the first 15 minutes. after that, i started to feel tired during my running segments. (it was really hot and sunny out, too!) so i cooled down to walk 1/run 1 for the rest of the race, and that felt much better.

i ran across the finish line at a final time of 34:46. i was totally psyched that i finished under 35 minutes. i didn't really have a finishing time in mind, but since i've been training at *just under* 4K, i figured it would have to be close to my normal times.

and here i am with my totally cheesy t shirt, and blasted red face! it could not have been a better way for me to start this year's holiday. could not have been better...

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carlo said...

so awesome...