Saturday, November 24, 2007

spt - come out of the shadows

for the first time, i am officially carrying over last week's spt challenge. because i really, really think this is an important one for all of us to do!!

you can read the challenge here.

and then you can ready some early responses here.

[and then, if you still have time (and if you haven't yet read it) go over here and read jill's great post on lurking vs. commenting. why not pick this challenge to jump back into spt?]

take the time to do this one for yourself. it sure beats standing in line at the mall...


Natasha said...

I think I've done my share of coming out of the shadows! ;)

About the Spode, Macy's is having a sale online this very moment! I love mine and hope it's a Christmas memory for my children.

Jill said...

I'm so glad you're carrying over this SPT. My vacation messed me up and I didn't get the assignment in time and haven't had a chance to hunker down and really think about it, but I definitely want to do it.

Becky Porter said...

Good for you, Lelly! This was a great challenge and I'm sure lots of people were traveling and unable to post.