Friday, November 02, 2007

halloween - last minute style!

my son is the most adaptable person in the world.

he has wanted to be an star wars stormtrooper since we started talking about hallowe'en this year. you might remember i blogged about it here.

for so many reasons, we arrived at the morning of hallowe'en without a costume. (i even resorted to calling around to see if anyone had any of those, you know, store-bought varieties.)

i'm so glad they didn't.

with 3 hours to spare, one amazingly talented sister, and some *craft supplies* by Rubbermaid (TM), hallowe'en was on!

well, except for the helmet. an authentic-looking PVC helmet can be a very tricky thing to recreate when you have limited access to places like Hollywood.

and i tried. oh, how i tried. but even i had to admit that my sad attempts were just not going to fly for this boy.

so, what does the most adaptable person in the world do when faced with a seemingly unsurmountable problem??

he becomes "han solo dressed up as an imperial stormtrooper [episode IV: a new hope]."

i can take no responsibility for this amazing outfit. all credit goes to the girl who can do it all, my sister, jen. THANK YOU!!


carlo said...

what a fab sister. i can see this fab-ness runs in the family!

and hans solo never looked better!


Becky Porter said...

Great costume!!

Susan said...

That is a GREAT costume! How creative! It makes me wish that I had another boy, almost. :)

Denise said...

Very impressive! Giving Harrison Ford a run for his money, I see.

My last-minute costumes usually involve heavy use of pajamas, and sometimes hairbows. I'll never be nominated for Best Costume Design. Your sister, however, might!

Amanda :-) said...

Jen could've save the Star Wars budget millions! Superb work!

And what a brainwave to have him as HF disguised as a ST.

Jenny said...

That costume is very cool, yes thank goodness for sisters!

Kelly said...


Emmanuelle said...

What a great costume !!
Your sister is very gifted and you are lucky girl to have her for sister :-)

Claudissima said...

wow what a neat custume, although I would take han solo in a minute

Barb said...

That is an amazing costume! I wish I'd had your sister around to help me the year Steven wanted to be a bionicle!