Sunday, November 25, 2007

38 presents to open

in celebration of what is to be in this new year of life:

1) i will be open to new experiences
2) i will be an open communicator with my husband, my family
3) i will be open to exercising my body in different ways
4) i will be open to being moved by the spirit
5) i will be open to playing with action figures, when necessary
6) i will be open to people who care about me
7) i will open my home to others more often
8) i will open my eyes each morning
9) i will open my heart for forgiveness
10) i will open all of the mail
11) i will remain open to all possibilities
12) i will keep the cookbooks open
13) i will be open to suggestion
14) i will not be intimidated to hit the open road for a vacation
15) i will open my mind in pursuit of learning new words
16) i will open up the sewing machine again
17) i will try to open at least one door i thought had been shut
18) i will stand with my arms open to anyone who needs a hug
19) i will open the shutters in my bedroom from time to time
20) i will pray with my heart and mind open
21) i will not ask open-ended questions when i need specific answers
22) i will open my ears, even when i suspect there will be whining
23) i will open my yearbook, and reconnect with an old friend
24) i will openly post my self-portraits
25) i will open up to those who want to help
26) i will open more books for leisure reading
27) i will open little memories, even when they might be painful
28) i will open a good bottle of red wine and share it with a friend
29) i will open the Bible more than i do now
30) i will open my front door if you come to visit me
31) i will try to have open discussions about difficult topics
32) i might finally open that can of elk meat in my pantry
33) i will try to keep my posture open and my shoulders back
34) i will wear open-toed shoes as often as possible
35) i will open pre-packaged food as little as possible
36) i will keep a journal open at all times
37) i will open the newspaper and follow the presidential election
38) i will continue to be open to my blogging friends, and those i haven't yet met

looking forward to a great year!! hope you'll be along for the ride.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Lelly! I love your word for the year and the many ways you are approaching it. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday yet!

Mama said...

This is a great list Lelly! Thanks for the inspiration!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday, my blogging friend!
What a fabulous birthday list, I love it!

Kelly A. said...

Inspirational! Well, except for #5, I could do with less of #5.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Lelly!! What a great list and wonderful word to embrace. I'm only afraid of #32!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope it was a wonderful one! I love your word for the year!

Amanda :-) said...

That's a good word!

I like no.16 especially, as I've just taken delivery of the first sewing machine I've ever had in my life! I will look forward to swapping 'notes' with you!

Amy said...

A can of elk meat? That's your only open I'm raising an eyebrow at...and I'll admit it's raised rather high! But I do so love your word of the coming year. And all the sentiments it encompasses. I so wish I could be one to come through your open door some day. Your definitely someone I'd love to meet some time! Happy Birthday!

pjmesser said...

Happy Birthday Lelly!
Great word~ great list. I hope you had a WONDERFUL DAY. I have been thinking of you! Can of elk meat? I didn't know such things existed.

Claudissima said...

hey happy happy happy what a celebration.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Lelly! This is a wonderful list -- I'm glad your word found you. And, I'll be here to read #39 next year.

carlo said...

wow. wonderful, wonderful post.

i look forward to following on your eye OPENing year and most of all... i wish you the happiest of HAPPY BIRTHDAYs!

donna said...

HAPPY B-day girl :)!~

michelle said...

Wonderful! I love your word, and I love your list. So inspiring.