Thursday, November 29, 2007

existential crafting

so, pink christmastime is here.

i worked on my pink christmas project over the thanksgiving holiday, and i'm pleased with the results. i'm just not quite sure it's finished.

i've had plenty of time to get ready, of course. (kind of like those final papers in college...) give me all the time in the world, and i'm still going to wait until the last possible minute. that's a big part of who i am.

creating homemade gifts is something i look forward to, and something i dread at the same time. i love the imagining, the planning, the searching for the right project. i often falter with the actual creation, fearing that it won't turn out exactly as i planned (perfectionism *is* a treatable disease, no?) that's also a big part of who i am.

i spent a good portion of the weekend looking at the gift, wondering what it needed. was something missing? was i looking at a final product, or was there more work to be done?

my family spent a good portion of the weekend looking at the gift, too. (they couldn't help it - it was sitting right there on the kitchen counter.) finally, matty said, "it doesn't say *lelly* anywhere."

and he's right. it's missing a *lellyness*. the minute the words were out of his mouth, i knew he was right. in the oh-yeah-these-socks-DON'T-match kind of a rightness.

the thing is, i don't know what my crafting "stamp" is. i know what my writing "stamp" is, the choice of words, the rhythm of the sentences. when i read something i've written, i know that it embodies my very being. can i find that same reflection in a craft project?

so before the wrapping, before the sending, i will likely spend a few more hours with this gift, searching for a part of me to share with it's recipient.

happy pink christmas to all of you creative people out there! may you find a little more of yourselves this season!!


Jenny said...

I was so happy to finish mine as well before Thanksgiving. I knew if I didn't I would be stressing over it this week. I am SO glad to report I mailed it off to the girl yesterday. Now, I just hope she likes it. Always the scary part :)

Elizabeth said...

Mine is done, I just need to work up the courage to go to the post office. I wouldn't say mine is the craftiest but I hope she likes it.

Denise said...

It doesn't say "lelly" anywhere? You can fix that with a nice black Sharpie.

I'm impressed at anyone who can handcraft a gift. Seriously. I got totally passed over when they were handing out handicraft talent. Good on ya, making it special, with an extra dose of lelly-ness. That's what makes it a heartfelt gift.

michelle said...

Very interesting. I just finished mine as well. I had it out, looked it over for awhile, had others look at it. A big problem for me is not knowing when something is done. I've decided it is! Whew. Can't wait to see what everyone made.

Amanda :-) said...

Stop, the suspense is killing me. What with Jill and her 'felt thing' and now this. I can't stand the waiting. Someone needs to send me some Pink Christmas stress-beads to fiddle with!

I wonder what Lelly-ness is?? I just keeping thinking of your pink hair stripe! ;-P

carlo said...

oh lelly, we are one and the same. on a few levels.

i am still working on my PC gift. it has a few "levels" to it. some crafted, some purchased levels i mean.

i love the vision. i hope my pink sis loves the end result! :)

ps- i have seen some of your lelly-ness first hand and i can't wait to see what you came up with! your pink sis will love it, no doubt.

pjmesser said...

I have never done a gift swap like this with someone I don't know. I'm not sure I ever will again. I have been so stressed about it. I hope she likes mine!! So glad it's done.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love the "lelly" in your writing, and I'm sure your crafting can find that voice as well somehow.

This weekend is devoted to pink Christmas crafting for me. And to the post office on Monday!

Claudissima said...

oih I am laughing at amanda's comment...maybe a pink rosary???ehehehhhee, Oh LELLY i AM sure they are going to love it....with your stamp or without...but good thing that will make it complete for you

Kelly said...

I've been working on mine, too, and am not sure it says "Kelly" either. Denise's sharpie idea may have to do! I need to get mine finished up in the next day or two. And hope she likes it. eeek.