Monday, February 25, 2008


in what has become a new sunday routine, i did a *quick* 2 mile run after lunch. i felt like i was running pretty slowly again, although (like yesterday) i got in a good spring right at the end.

total time 28:52 @ walk 1/run 20.

i have been so, SO frustrated with my weight these past few weeks. i am actually gaining weight!! what the @$*&!? here are all of the thoughts that run through my head about this:

am i eating too many calories?
am i eating too few calories?
am i eating to much processed ("white") food?
am i eating enough fruits and vegetables?
am i eating enought fiber?
are my portion sizes out of whack?
am i eating too much sugar?
is my heart rate where it should be when i'm running?
am i drinking enough water? (O.K., i can definitely answer YES to this one)

i feel like i've never lost weight before!! i'm trying not to get down about this, but it just seems like ever since i made the subtle shift from "running for fitness' sake" to "i should be losing weight doing this" the scale has been virtually deadlocked. it's way too frustrating!!

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carlo said...

oh i hear this frustration loud and clear. it stinks to work out and see no change on the scale but try to look at it this way:

muscle weighs more than fat, right?

do your clothes feel different and look better?

do you *feel* better overall?

the scale just sucks, no two ways about it