Wednesday, February 20, 2008

USPS redemption

apparantly, the USPS is trying to get back on my good side, as i have received several pieces of really good mail over the past few days.

first, an amazing LOVE swap package from liz, featuring Lavender bath sugar & salts; Orange chocolate; Vintage-look apron with amazingly fun prints; and a fun letter E with embellishments. it was all topped off with very cute and sparkly letters, which are currently hanging from my mantlepiece, and will become part of my annual valentines decor.

thanks, missy, for organizing such a fun swap!

yesterdays mail included a return address i'm getting to know quite well, only... it was addressed to jack!! he was THRILLED to get a pack of authentic hockey trading cards from barb. he even got a *special* card that featured swatches of two jerseys! i'm telling you, i just can't get these here, so this really was good mail for both of us! (he also loved the pinewood derby stickers.)

i've received a number of fun cards and valentines, too. (i must get better about photo-ing them!) there seems to be lots of good mail floating around these days. are you good at documenting yours?


Elizabeth said...

I just got mine from you. Thank you for that precious little heart!

linda said...

I have got to get in on the "good mail" frenzy...I just need some addresses!

michelle said...

Oh, fun! There's not much in this world I enjoy more than glittery decor. The hockey good mail from Barb was very thoughtful.

I am good at photographing my good mail, but I do tend to get lazy about posting it. Hooray for USPS redemption!

Holly said...

What a fun filled box of LOVE! Goog Mail, in any form brightens up everything doesn't it? Enjoy!

I have been making a better effort of documenting mine. It's always a pick-me up to go back an review all the goodness.

Liz said...

Yeah! So glad you got your LOVE!

Jill said...

Yes, get better at documenting your good mail because it's such a blessing to have it saved on your blog forever and for all of us to see the goodness coming your way!